Summer Mosquitos

June 10, 2020

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Why Summer?

Mosquitos are a unique insect that is extremely sensitive to its environment. This causes an extreme fluctuation in mosquito populations from season to season. Summer mosquitos seem to be the most annoying in most cases. So you might ask yourself, why is summertime so welcoming to these pests?

Mosquitos are cold-blooded insects that keep their body temperature levels based on the environment they are in. Mosquitos tend to prefer their habitats based on two key factors. Heat and water! If you live in a state that has mosquito welcoming climates as mentioned, then you will most likely know how seriously attracted mosquitos are to heat and water.

If you live somewhere where it more cold and dry then you’re in luck! Mosquitos have a lot of difficulties surviving in harsher climates. Colder and more dry climates will have much lesser mosquito populations versus a hot and more humid climate.

Things To Know About Summer Mosquitos

f you are worried about mosquitos, then you should absolutely know that they are considered the deadliest “animals” on the planet. We have developed a list of facts that you should know about mosquitos.

-Only female mosquitos actually bite you, males main purposes are reproduction and pollination.

-There are over 3,500 species of mosquitos but only a few of them bite!

-Mosquitos are naturally attracted to CO2. This is a problem for humans because we are constantly releasing CO2 from our bodies.

-Mosquitos average life span is less than 2 months… don’t let this put you at ease though! They still reproduce at alarming rates which makes them such a hassle to deal with.

Mosquitos can cause quite a bit of stress in one’s life, don’t let mosquitos bog you down! MosquitoNix has solutions that have proven to work for many years! Learn more about MosquitoNix and what we can do for you, today!

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